Lucifer Season 5B Trailer: "Oblivion" (FM)

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Happy (almost) 2021 beauties! 🎉

PLEASE NOTE: This is fan-made, think of it as video fanfiction…the image used in the thumbnail is by the immensely talented artist @mitashade, check her out:

Synopsis: I take all the lightheartedness and comedy out of Lucifer and turn it into a dark and ”beautifully tragic” mess. 😉

-After a brief interaction with dear old Dad, Michael and God vanish.
-Chloe begins having dreams with ghastly images and a man who appears to be an angel, but claims he is not. (The actor/wardrobe really looks like evil Jesus, not so in this case haha).
-Lucifer is distant and moody, having been visited by a fallen brother, the same man from Chloe’s dreams.
-This fallen brother has shared his plan of unleashing the apocalypse on Earth.
-He believes that the apocalypse can be stopped by a miracle in human form. He does not want this to happen, so plans to eradicate Chloe.
-Chloe has recently been promoted to Lieutenant.
-A serial killer makes an appearance.
-Dan has played a role in a recent killing whether he meant to or not.
-Chloe and Lucifer find this out and make certain decisions to protect Dan.
-The new Police Captain becomes suspicious of the pair.
-The fallen brother teams up with Michael and Maze.
-Maze believes she will receive a soul if she serves them.
-Lucifer knows Chloe will willingly offer up her soul to stop the apocalypse...even so, he tells her everything he knows.
-The more Maze helps her two “keepers,” the more demonic she becomes in appearance.
-Chloe is hellbent on finding Maze.
-Ella finds out Lucifer is actually the Devil.
-Chloe actually has light powers. This bit is inspired by “A Refraction of Light,” by: matchstick_dolly…go read it:
-Maze ends up gaining a soul by making the right choice…a choice born out of love.
-Her soul, also interpreted to be a miracle because demons are thought to be incapable of harboring a soul, stops the apocalypse.
-The throne in hell crumbles.
-Maze dies protecting Chloe and ultimately saving the world.

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“Oblivion,” by: Zayde Wolf and Neoni
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