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Lucifer is full of crazy romances taking unexpected twists. Watch this video about surprising Lucifer real-life couples! Find out how many wifes Tom Ellis has now. The actor managed to surprise fans with an unexpected wedding before Lucifer season 5 began. Find out more about Tom Ellis wedding in our video! No matter how much we love Lucifer and Chloe as a couple, actress Lauren German is not dating her co-star. Find out what she’s up to in her life right now. Here’s every surprising detail you need to know about the Lucifer cast! While we all are waiting to find out whether Lucifer Morningstar will come back from hell and reunite with Chloe Decker, let’s check out what the rest of the cast was doing after the end of Lucifer season 4. Learn more about the amazing wedding of Lesley-Ann Brandt and why a necklace presented by her husband was so special for an actress who plays Mazikeen. Also, find out how long Kevin Alejandro was married. Turns out that in real life he is a complete opposite of Dan Espinoza. Catch up on the latest news about D. B. Woodside and his kid. Here’s everything you need to know about the actor who plays Amenadiel. Also, we will tell more about Aimee Garcia and her secret boyfriend. Learn more about Lucifer cast love life with us! Follow the updates about Lucifer season 5 God character. The newcomer, actor Dennis Haysbert will be playing Lucifer’s father - God. Find out more exciting details about the cast of the new season and their romances! Check our list about Lucifer’s love life in this video!

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